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Ever since childhood, photography has captivated me. 
I love the way a photograph can transport you - to a moment, or person, or feeling. 
Through wedding photography, I have the privilege to
connect with people, capture emotions, preserve love stories. 

And this is what I want for you: photographs that bring it all flooding back.
I want you to relive how you felt seeing each other on your wedding day, remember the faces of loved ones who aren't around, and the joy of declaring your love for each other.

My hope is that through your photographs, you’ll get to relive this part of your love story over and over. 


a bit more about me

I’m a husband and new father! Natalie & I have been married for almost 9 year now. I speak three languages and when I'm really tired I get them jumbled up a bit as Natalie can attest. I have trouble answering the question “where are you from”. I am Taiwanese-American, born in the US and raised across two continents and in half a dozen cities. I can make anywhere a home, and I’m used to missing home and feeling perfectly at home at the same time. I'm the chef of our household. Food is a huge part of my identity and culture. If I weren't a photographer, I'd probably have a pop up restaurant featuring Taiwanese cuisine. Nat jokes that food is my love language. It’s my favorite way to care for family and friends, and sharing my creations is a way that I feel known and loved. More than anything, I love the way it brings people together. I do love learning & trying new things. I think part of it is just me being curious and wanting to know how things work. I like to think I'm pretty handy as well. I'm much more inclined to tackle house projects and renovations myself mostly because I think it's fun...for the most part. I've watched Parks & Rec and The Office so many times I don't know how to not speak in quotes. Anyone else also obsessed with The Office Ladies podcast? Ted Lasso is fighting for our affection right now. I’m always up for a good adventure. I love traveling! Sometimes spontaneously. One time, with a surprise gap in our schedules, Nat and I drove out West and camped out of our SUV for a couple weeks, exploring from Yellowstone to Moab however we saw fit. I think it’s good for the soul to experience new places and cultures. Scroll down to see some of the adventures we've been on so far! I believe that all people are equal with the same inherent humanity, love is meant to be celebrated, and life is beautiful.

my family


In 2022, we welcomed our daughter Alina to the world. Parenthood is new and exciting, exhausting, terrifying and wonderful. We are totally smitten. She loves giving out smiles, hugs and high fives. 

This is my amazing wife, Natalie. We're college sweethearts! She is my biggest supporter and she teaches me love and compassion on a daily basis. She works behind the scenes around here on all the things that, well, aren’t as much my strengths - accounting, for one. We laugh a lot together. Late night snack runs have almost become routine for us. We blame Buckeye Donuts. Life is good when you're married to your best friend. 



Here are just a handful of photographs from our travels!

I'm glad you're here! We are only able take on a limited amount of weddings each year. I can't wait to chat about yours! Let's preserve those memories the way they were meant to.

- Stephen | Light & Lo


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